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Apr 2 15

Di Billick on Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez on WGN Radio

Di Billick and her sketch comedy group, Dandy Boy, stopped into the WGN Studio to hang out with Patti and talk about their upcoming show at the Public House Theatre, “Everything is Awful,” Fridays in April at 10PM.

Listen to the full show here!

Mar 28 15

Everything is Awful – Fridays in April

Di Billick’s sketch comedy group, Dandy Boy, is performing every Friday in April at 10PM at the Public House Theatre.

From The Public House Theatre’s website:


“For those times when you find yourself at a cult party instead of a Colts party, or wearing only a diaper while vomiting milk onto your best friend, Dandy Boy is there. Directed by Rachael Mason, the masters of absurd-yet-insightful sketch are bringing a whole new show to life with “Everything Is Awful.” Travel to the Champs Élysées where two French mimes save the day when an American tourist goes into labor. Witness the hope and heartbreak as a Pig in the Big City navigates a slew of awkward first dates. And get ready for the ultimate showdown as the best wrestler in the world fights with his surly father over an extension on his bedtime. Fridays in April are bound to be an adventure between satire and slapstick, period pieces and gross out gags, as only Dandy Boy can do.”

Written and performed by Di Billick, Daniel Ennion, Joey Gilmore, Michael Grush, and Toby McMullen.

Mar 4 15

More Blackouts! by Dandy Boy

Di Billick’s sketch comedy group Dandy Boy has just released More Blackouts!

AIN’T IT COOL NEWS called our first short, Blackouts, “…a handful of great sketches shoved together…” well… here is our second collection, More Blackouts.

Written by & Starring Dandy Boy
Directed, Shot, & Edited by Eric Richter

Produced by Dandy Boy
In Association with TinyCore Pictures

Dandy Boy is:

Di Billick, Daniel Ennion, Joey Gilmore, Michael Grush, and Toby McMullen.

Practical Special FX: Anthony G. Sumner
“Cults”, “Piracy”, and “Matchmaker” Music by: Jake Richter

Thank you to the following locations:
The Bar Below Chicago

Feb 28 15

A Sitcom Pilot In Pre-Production

Di has been working with Eric Richter since 2011, when the two of them filmed a prologue to a still-yet-to-be-released horror film with celebrated director Anthony Sumner. Since then, Eric has directed, and Di has starred in this:

And Eric has directed and Di has starred in this:

And Eric has directed and Di has written and starred in this:

There are other projects in the works, including an episode of “More Blackouts”, which will be released in March. Their biggest and most important project to date is the sitcom pilot that is currently in pre-production. Di’s sketch comedy group, Dandy Boy, is writing and starring in a pilot that Eric Richter is directing and filming.

The team is currently trying to reach a meager goal of $5,000.00 to film this pilot.  Please donate to the production if you have enjoyed any of Di Billick or Eric Richter’s work.  Any donations over $1,000.00 will earn you an Executive Producer credit on the pilot.

Please visit our GoFundMe site here!

Stay tuned for “More Blackouts”, coming soon!

Feb 20 15

A Commercial/Beauty/Glamour Combo





Jan 20 15

Di Billick Interviewed for South Side Weekly

 interviewed Di Billick after her sketch comedy group, Dandy Boy, performed at the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival.  Read the article here!

Jan 18 15

Pretty Late With Patti Vasquez on WGN with Unlikely Company and Di Billick

Unlikely Company had a wrap party for their sold out 2015 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival show, with Patti Vasquez at WGN Radio.

Listen to the full podcast here!

Jan 17 15

The 14th Annual Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival is Over!

Let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief. The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, or as it’s affectionately known, Sketchfest, is the most fun time a sketch writer and actor will ever have.  Oh, and right, the audience too.  The audience!

Di Billick was in 3 shows this year, and performed at the performers-only show on both weekends.  Along with press that has yet to be released, Di’s group, Unlikely Company, had appearances on Fox, WGN, and CBS, as well as WGN radio.


Unlikely Company on Fox Chicago


Di Billick at WGN Studios


Di Billick and Unlikely Company at WGN Radio


Di Billick and Unlikely Company performing at the 14th Annual Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival

Screen shot 2015-01-20 at 8.44.00 PM

Di Billick dons a red beehive with Unlikely Company, promoting Sketchfest

Unlikely Company will be returning to Stage 773, their resident theater, to open a brand new sketch comedy show in April. Stay tuned here for updates!

Jan 7 15

Dandy Boy Premieres “Blackouts”

Di Billick’s sketch comedy group, Dandy Boy, has released their new video, Blackouts, directed by Eric Richter.

Dec 12 14

“I HATE RACCOONS” Premieres on DailyGrindhouse

I HATE RACCOONS, starring Di Billick and Michael Carey

I HATE RACCOONS, starring Di Billick and Michael Carey

Daily Grindhouse has premiered and reviewed I HATE RACCOONS, starring Di Billick and Michael Carey, along with an interview with director Eric Richter.

“Technical work is very strong – which is never a given on low-budget efforts – with some of the trickier lighting elements in the second half (involving a flashlight) being done quite well. Even better is the acting, with both Carey and Billick capably showing both irritation and fear at their eventual fate(s),” Doug Tilley said about the film.  He continues, “I was particularly impressed with the quality of the acting in the piece. Frankly, even passable acting in low-budget shots is a rarity, but your performers show surprising comic timing.”

To read the rest of the review and interview with Eric Richter, click on the link above!